Lovely Molly (2011)

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Summary: After moving into her deceased father’s country house, Molly and her new husband Tim face eerie disturbances — and things get worse as Molly faces them alone while Tim’s away. Soon the evil presence threatens both her sanity and her life.

Scare Factor: hiding under the blankets
Final Score: 2 stars
fuzzy danger alert
creepy scale alert

Thoughts: Movies like this make me consider adding a creepy scale to my ratings cause this movie would be at the tip tip top of it.  The hiding under the blankets rating is awarded here because I was literally hiding my face behind a blanket through a majority of the final act.

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Horror Junkie: There’s More to Horrors than Horror


Zombies are scary. Psychopathic murderers are undesirable. Creepy, possessed children can make anyone pro-choice. And placing anyone in an abandoned house or creepy woods can be scary, but is cheap horror always the way to go?

Borrowing an analogy from Shrek (deep, I know), think of yourself as an onion. The first layer is the immediate fear, hiding behind the pillow. As the layers go deeper, the fear becomes rooted inside, consciously and subconsciously affecting you.

First, fear moves to the lower layers through the way the film is made, the story, and the subject matter. If you are making a horror film, the psychological aspects need to be thought of very carefully. Alfred Hitchcock is one of the masters of making great psychological horrors such as The Birds (1963), Psycho (1960) and Rear Window (1954). While not overly terrifying films with blood and guts, the timelessness they created has…

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